Air Circuit Breakers

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Air Circuit Breakers

All ‘M-PACT PLUS’ circuit breakers have been designed and manufactured to the highest technical standards. Strict procedures, in compliance with ISO 9001, ensure first class product quality.

This manual is a guide to normal site installation, operation and maintenance procedures. ‘M-PACT PLUS’ circuit breakers should only be installed, operated and maintained by competent and properly authorised personnel.If further information is required, concerning any aspect of operation or maintenance of ‘M-PACT PLUS’ circuit breakers, please contact: GE Consumer & Industrial.

This is information provided on two label attached to the breaker. First is fixed near auxiliary switches and the second on the breaker left hand side. Both are listing breaker type, rating current, poles organization, protection unit type (if any), and number and types of accessories (if any).









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