NOARK Busbar & Terminals clips & Cosumer units

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NOARK products sales comply with the laws of the respective country and is regulated by general trading conditions, a framework agreement or by other contracts between NOARK Electric Europe s.r.o. or its subsi- diary and the customer.Goods price is defined by the respective valid official price list of the NOARK Electric Company and by the contractual conditions of the respective customer. If not negotiated otherwise, purchase price includes neither expenses for transport, transport wrapping, expanses connected with goods handling, with the installation and implementing into operation, nor expanses connected with disposal or recycling of the goods or the wrapping, if valid laws do not impose different obligation.
The NOARK Electric Company provides its products with a five-year European guarantee. It may be applied outside the country where the product is bought. In this case it is submitted in a local subsidiary of NOARK Electric. Guarantee conditions are described in detail in the NOARK Electric complaint procedure.




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