NOARK Intelligent Power Meter

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Intelligent Power Meter   


With the development of smart power grid, the intelligent power system develops very fast.  With the continued growth of the global power energy, the appearance of various loads causes many power quality problems.With the improvement  of human resource cost, energy conservation and emission reduction goals, the power company and client needs more reliable communication, more efficiency, and more secure intelligence distribution system to deal with all kinds of electric power challenge. NOARK, as a professional provider of low voltage electrical system solution, based on eight series intelligent electrical components, develops high reliability and low-consumption intelligent power distribution system-inPower. The system adopts the modern network technology, industrial real-time operating system, industrial process control theory and so on  to realize real-time monitoring of distribution system, remote control, unattended, energy efficiency managem- ent, data acquisition and analysis,ensure reliable safety operation of the distribution system. 




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