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Miniature Series . . .

HYUNDAI Miniature Series, as an integral part of Hyundai L/V & M/V circuit breakers and contactors, offer the complete solution against overload, short-circuit and earth leakage current as well as system monitoring, and can be applied to residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
To satisfy clients requirements, HYUNDAI Miniature Series are focused on safety, ease of installation and user-friendliness with high reliability qualified by international test authorities based on IEC standards.



Hyundai HiBD type miniature circuit breakers are mainly used to protect against overload and short-circuit under the alternating current 50/60Hz, rated voltage AC240V or AC415V and with rated current 1 to 125A. The double point direct moving structure enlarges the current capacity while making full use of the electrical power supplement. In addition, power reserving handle mechanism with high on/off speed to promotes reliability. HiBD type breakers can also be used for infrequent on/off switching electric equipment and lighting circuit in normal case. All products comply with IEC/EN standard, and can be applied to industry, commerce, high-rise buildings, household and other similar installations.






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