Socomec Changeover Motorized

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Performance and characteristic

Changeover load isolation switch 

It adopted double complex contact,horizontal and vertical type framework,Micro motor pre-saving and Micro electronic control technical,basically,it have come to"Zero"arc(No Arc Chute);

It adopt reliable machine interlock and electric interlock,the elecutive union parts adopt independency overload disconnect switch,it makes more reliable and safety;

Adopt"Zero"technique,it can force to set"zero"under emergenncy situation(break off two way power supply at the same time),meet the requirement of fire protection linkage; Operate overload disconnect switch change over adopt singleness electromotor drive,switch over smooth and reliable,no noise,little wallop;

Operate machine drive motor use only under the executive overload disconnect switch change over instantaneouse current across,outstanding energy saving; Perform overload disconnect switch with mechanism interlock device,it ensure the common use ,standby power working reliable and not interference; Distinct On and Off position indicator/padlock functionetc.,safe reallze the disconnect between electric power and overload; High security,high automatization,high reliable,use life more than 5000 times; Machine & Electricity perfect desigh,On-Off changeover nicety、agility/smooth,adopt interm、national advanced logical control technique,high anti-interference and nointerference outside; It include main power close,standby power separate;main power separate;standby power close;main、standby power all break off and steady working(I-0-II). Easy installation,control loop adopt terminal connection and insert. Four kind of operation function;emergency manual operation、electromotion remote control operation、automatic control state emergency off opeartion 、automatic control operation.




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